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Finally, a new age in software development. A suite of windows active-x controls with custom skinning. You like the look and feel of the interface for MAC OSX Tiger? Microsoft Vista? Or perhaps Roxio? Maybe you favor Yahoo! Messenger? Or simply the XP experience? Or, perhaps you have in mind to create a unique skin of your own. Create your own Skinnables applications or simulate the look of popular software. Like the skins of other products, and want to simulate them in your own product? Now you can. We've even created some you can use straight away, with many more to come. See XPSuite 4.0 Skinnables Screenshots of Custom Skinning Examples...

The point of all this, is that your project’s visual appearance has endless possibilities. XPSuite Skinnables is geared around providing developers with the custom controls they need to give their projects the XP look regardless of the operating system. Where applicable, all XPSuite controls support the XPLuna Theme (shipped with Windows XP), and all three (3) color schemes. And, now with version 4.0, this capability of maintaining your visual appearance across platforms extends to custom skins. View XPSuite 4.0 Flash Demo to view all the controls...

XPSuite Skinnables has gone international! New to XPSuite Skinnables is complete Unicode Compatibility! Now giving you the opportunity to not only display international characters, but to edit in multiple languages as well. View Unicode examples ...

New to version 4.0 is an extensive array of special effects, including drop shadows, alpha, gradients, texturing, embossing, and custom tooltips. View XPSuite 4.0 Flash Demo...

XPSuite 4.0's collection of controls ships with over 80 controls, in two styles. The Skinnables version provides unlimited possibilities as described above, while a lighter version, 4.0 Lite (formerly version 3.04) has fewer features, but with a smaller footprint.

XPSuite's Com version licensing has been relaxed. Now a single site can have unlimited developers and development machines with only one license purchase! In addition, the standard Developer's package now not only ships with the Retail Version (version 4.0 active-x controls), but also includes the Source Code package for versions 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0 for the same extremely low price.

For customers already owning a standard retail license that wish to upgrade to include the source code package, click here.


  03 September 2007

XPSuite com version licensing has been relaxed, allowing unlimited developers and development machines per single license.

XPSuite is now sold as a single version ("Developers Package"), which includes the binary axtive-x controls and the Source Code for the same low price!

For registered customers that wish to upgrade to this relaxed version or upgrade to include the source code, click here.

  24 April 2007

Seems we have alot to report since our last news flash!

First, many of you have emailed us strongly urging the continuation of the XPSuite com version (XPSuite 4.0 Skinnables). So, we shall continue support and updates to this software package.

Second, as previously reported, we are completing our .Net version of XPSuite. Due to the release of Vista and Office 2007, we have come to the decision that we can't or shouldn't release the .Net version without first adding support for the new visual styles. This will result in a delay getting the new version out. However, we hope to still release this quarter.

Third, XPSuite.Net will ship with several new controls. After studying Office 2007, we decided to create and add the Office 2007 Ribbon Bar or MenuBar (whatever you want to call it). This control actually ships as a component set with all the necessary sub controls to build the Office 2007 Ribbon Bar.

Another control added to the .Net suite is the Outlook 2007 components collection. This control also includes several sub controls, designed to build Outlook 2007 SideBar, including the lower button bar, headers, and sub-headers. This control also includes, the 2003 visual appearance.

Yet another new control for the .Net version, is the Docking Manager, a docking control which supports and acts just like the Net 2005 IDE.

The XPButton control has had a major make-over. Considering all the different Visual Styles now available, as well as all the different button styles, there are now over 70 different combinations for button's appearance.

All control's will now support the following Visual Styles; XP, Net, 2003, Office 2007 (includes Excel and Word), Outlook 2007, and Vista.

As soon as we release the .Net version of XPSuite, we will return to XPSuite 4.0 and add all the new controls and Visual Styles currently being added to the .Net version. Most likely, this will require a new version upgrade (free as always) to version 5.0. Please don't ask for a release date yet!

The upgrade from XPSuite Com (version 4.0) to the Net version policy, and the free upgrade to Net for com version bundle purchases still applies.

  3 March 2007

The database has been reset. All registered customers of XPSuite4.0 have been removed along with their activation. If you are a registered customer, with a version 4.0 Product Key, please download the latest XPSuite 4.0 product setup, and run the Activation Utility using your Product Key, to re-activate your product, and to reinstall your customer information.

If you are a registered customer of a previous XPSuite version and have not yet requested your free upgrade to version 4.0, then please send us an email (upgrade@ciatheco.com) with your information of your previous XPSuite purchase and we will send you your version 4.0 Product Key.

Please keep in mind, you will not be able to log into the member's area until you re-activate your XPSuite 4.0 product.

2 March 2007

Get ready and save on our XPSuite.Net version! coming to you soon. Our .Net version of the popular XPSuite collection of controls is scheduled for release first week in May 2007.

Get your free upgrade coupon for XPSuite.Net. For details on how you can receive a free license of XPSuite.Net, click here......

  28 Feb 2007

Critical update to the XPSuite Com 4.0 version. Several issues have been corrected. The activation database will be reset on 4 March 2007, deleting all customers from the database, and therefore if you have a product key, you need to re-register (activate) your copy of XPSuite 4.0. Download the latest version here!

22 Feb 2007

All XPSuite Com versions have been placed in End Of Life status, including version 4.0 com.

In order that we may continue support for enhancements, bug fixes, etc., we are making all versions of XPSuite's source code available, including 2.09, 2.15, 4.0 Lite (formerly 3.04), and 4.0 Skinnables at an unbeatable price of only $389 USD. Read more.....

All of our efforts are being directed solely to the completion of the development of our .Net version of XPSuite, scheduled for release first week in May 2007.

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